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Window Replacement in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Since you live in San Juan, Puerto Rico, you know about the benefits of big city life, especially big city life in the tropics. You may also understand that the type of windows that you have in your home or business make all the difference in the world when it comes to taking full advantage of the environment around you as well as the sun that makes its presence known throughout the year.

Of course, for anyone who lives in a tropical climate, you also understand that the sun can quickly heat up your home, making it more uncomfortable to live in without air conditioning. If you rely on air conditioning, though, you likely spend a great deal of money on your utility bills to keep your home cool. So if you’ve been thinking about window replacement for your San Juan home or business, you might be considering cutting back on the amount of light that you let into your home.

However, at Vista Systems, we believe that since you live in such a vibrant city, with so much to do and see, that you should be enjoying it all from the comfort of your home and basking in the wonders that exist in the world around you, which means you should actually increase the amount of windows that you have in your home.

The heat factor

When you read about the prospect of increasing the number of windows in your San Juan home, or the amount of window surface area, you might instantly think about the heat that you would be letting into your home. You might be thinking that with more windows, you won’t be able to enjoy the comfort of your home as much, that it will become just too hot within your house and you’ll need to either run the air conditioning unit more often, which will ultimately cost you more money, or you simply won’t have the same enjoyment with your house as you should.

However, it’s important to understand that with the new technologies that are being developed and that Vista Systems utilizes for the glass and windows that they design, the heat won’t penetrate your home or office like it would for other windows. The difference is in the glazing process as well as the type of windows that you can have access to. Ultimately, the goal of any window replacement in San Juan should be about helping the home or business owner get the most value for their money as well as to allow them to continue to enjoy spending time within their home.

What to look for with your new windows

When you begin to think about replacing the windows in your San Juan home or business, or you want to have an addition added to your home, or you’re even thinking of converting your porch to a sunroom, for example, there are certainly some things that you should look into with regard to the type of windows that you ultimately choose.

For most people, price is one of the biggest factors. You want new windows, but you don’t want to have to take out a second, or even a third, mortgage. You may find that some windows are more expensive and this might lead you to avoid even thinking further about getting them replaced. However, there’s more to the cost when it comes to replacing the windows in your home than just the dollar amount that you’ll have to pay for the windows.

You need to consider installation. Some companies charge extra for installation while others include that in the price of the windows that they sell. Still others hire independent contractors to install the windows and you are then expected to pay those independent contractors directly, rather than paying the window store for that service.

When it comes to the overall cost of a window, make sure that you get a final, installed price quote, as that will help you determine just how much it will cost for your window replacement.

Now, getting back to the cost of the windows, there are a number of factors that should be used to determine whether you’re going to be able to save money with your new windows over the life of your home or business. If you’re looking at the total cost of the windows and that’s causing you to think twice about getting them replaced, then you should calculate how much you could potentially save, in terms of energy savings and other factors, as well as how much your home’s value will increase during the life of those windows.

For example, living in San Juan, you know about the risk of hurricanes. Your homeowners insurance may be higher because you’re living in this region of the country. However, if you were to get hurricane windows to replace your existing windows, then you might be able to save a considerable amount of money on insurance over the next several years. On top of that, if you choose windows that will help to block out the UV rays of the sun, this will keep your home from getting too hot throughout the year, which will ultimately help you save more money on your utility bills because you won’t have to run the air conditioner as much (as noted previously).

Now, when you replace the windows in your San Juan home, then you will also likely see an increase in the value of your home. That’s a nice, added bonus that many people don’t think about. You may not have any plans to move in the near future, but the value of your home, as it increases, helps to boost your overall wealth. If you then decided to move, not only will the windows boost the value of your home, they may also help sell it faster.

As you can see, there are many factors that go into determining the overall cost of windows when you’re thinking of replacing them. When you live in San Juan, you know about the wonderful climate. Take full advantage of it by replacing the windows in your home or business. Contact Vista Systems today to learn more.


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