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Puerto Rico Skylights

One thing that people living in Puerto Rico can agree on is that there is an abundance of sunshine throughout the year. In fact, the climate in this part of the world is considered some of the best and most consistent throughout the year. When you have so much sunshine (and especially when you don’t have to worry about anything resembling snow) then you should want to invite as much of that natural light into your home as possible.

Why natural light is important.

One thing that anybody living in warm, sunny climates can attest to is that this level of lighting is simply different than anything artificial. You won’t get the same benefits from household lights that you will from sunlight.

Sunlight provides people with vitamin E, which is important to good health. When you get the proper nutrition in your diet, you generally feel better about yourself and you feel healthier. When people spend most of their time indoors, not being exposed to the sun, even if they eat well and drink plenty of water, they might not feel as good as they would if they were spending some time in the daylight.

There’s a reason why many businesses reward their best employees with offices that are exposed to the sun. Not only does it generally offer a better, ‘more inspiring’ view, but it also gets them exposed to the healthy effects of natural light.

Another added benefit of natural light is that it makes reading and doing other tasks within your Puerto Rico home easier. This protects your eyes. Eye strain is one of the contributing factors to poor eyesight and when you have to strain too much to read, then you’re going to find it harder and harder to focus over time.

So, this means that any time that you can get more natural light into your home, the better it will be for your health overall. However, that’s not the only benefit.

Using skylights to bring in more natural light into your home also helps you save money. When you don’t need to turn on a lamp during the early morning or late afternoon hours to read or to do any number of regular tasks, you will save money on your electrical bills.

You also make your home look and feel more inviting as a result when you use skylights for your Puerto Rico home.

How about the concerns about using skylights in this climate?

Of course, if you’ve lived in Puerto Rico for most of your life, then you know that there are downsides to having skylights. Or, at least, there were downsides to having skylights installed in your home. One of the most important to talk about is the fact that when you have more windows in your home, and the sun can get into your home throughout a greater portion of the day, then you find that it gets warmer inside the house.

This leads to you needing to run the air conditioning more often, right? Of course, whenever you run the air conditioner more during the day, just to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, then wouldn’t this cost you more money in the long term with regard to utility bills?

The short answer is yes. Now, what would happen if you installed skylights in your Puerto Rico home? What if the skylights that you may already have in place, but have clouded over through time, were replaced with new, clear skylights that welcome in the sun with all of its glory, and heating power?

This might sound like a great idea for climates much farther north in the United States, but not around here. The last thing any homeowner in Puerto Rico would want is to allow the sun to penetrate and heat of their home more. After all, when the average temperature year round in Puerto Rico is about 82-degrees Fahrenheit, then you already need to take measures to make your home more comfortable.

So the last thing you will want is to have skylights installed or replaced, right?

Well, this is where Vista Systems comes into play. Did you know that the technological advances that companies like Vista Systems have made when it comes to glass has made it possible to not only allow more natural sunlight to enter your home, but to also keep your home cooler in the process?

If that sounds like science fiction, or too good to be true, at least not without some form of shading on the glass, then you’re missing out. The truth is that glazing and other glasswork technology in recent years has developed a way to block ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) of the sun from entering the home.

It’s not the sun’s light that causes your home to heat up during the day. It’s the UV rays. It’s the same concept when it comes to sunblock for your skin. When you apply sunblock to your skin when you’re going to be outside for any period of time, such as heading to the beach, you are blocking those UV rays from penetrating your skin. It’s those UV rays that cause you to tan and your skin to dry out and look older than it is.

UV rays are also responsible for altering the color of your furniture when it’s exposed to the direct sunlight for any period of time.

So, when you want to have more sunlight getting into your home to make it more welcoming and inviting, but you don’t want to have your home heated up in the process, contact Vista Systems to talk to a professional who can walk you through all of the options available for skylights in Puerto Rico.

If you haven’t considered skylights for your Puerto Rico home before, or it’s been a long time, many things have changed and you might be surprised at the wonderful options that are available to you now.

Because you live in such a desirable climate, you should take advantage of all of that wonderful, natural light with skylights for your home.


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