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ClearShield™ Overview Just as metal rusts, glass corrodes. Glass is vulnerable to attack in every conceivable environment. Glass is not smooth. A micrograph reveals the rough surface of glass, made of peaks and valleys. Glass is also a reactive material. Contaminants such as atmospheric pollution, construction materials, metal oxides or limescale deposits in the valleys of the glass and bond to its surface.

Ritec has developed the only effective system that specifically protects glass from such attack and allows it to maintain its original qualities. Diagram ClearShield Technology Diagram.

The ClearShield™ System converts unprotected high maintenance glass into ClearShield™ 'Non-Stick' Glass.

Just like 'non-stick' cookware, it:

● Is always easier to clean.
● Stays cleaner for longer.
● Resists staining and discolouration.

The ClearShield™ System

ClearShield™ Glass is produced in the factory or on site by specially trained technicians using Ritec's ClearShield System.

Stage 1:
Renovation Removes staining and discolouration to bring the glass back to an as new condition.

Stage 2:
Protection A polymeric resin that chemically cross-links with the glass and with itself, bonding to the glass and becoming an integral part of it. It creates a durable, multi-molecular surface that is 'non-stick' and easy to clean.

Stage 3:
Maintenance A simple and economical after-care programme that allows ClearShield Glass to perform like new for life.

Wide variety of uses
● Windows and Doors
● Curtain Walling
● Spandrel / Cladding Panels
● Rooflights
● Decorative Glass
● Shower Doors and Enclosures
● Mirrors
● Furniture Glass
● Solar Heating Panels Powerful track records
● Airport Control Towers
● Railway Stations and Terminals
● Hotels and Leisure Complexes
● Shops and Shopping Centers
● Multi-Storey
● Office Blocks
● Government and Municipal Buildings
● Steelworks and Industrial Premises
● Luxury Liners and Private Yachts
● Buses, Trams and Trains
● Domestic Dwellings


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