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Glass Shower Enclosures in Puerto Rico

For most people, regardless of where you live, whether it’s in Puerto Rico, the United States, or anywhere else, you might not think much about the shower enclosures within your home. Many houses have the standard shower curtain rod or old, dingy, moldy enclosures and you think that you’re stuck with them. The first question that should be asked is why you might think that you’re stuck with those old, tired shower enclosures?

For one, you might think that in order to replace them, it would simply cost too much money. It’s a reasonable assumption, given that it seems to cost way too much to have any type of home improvement work done in your home. However, the reality of the situation is that to replace or install a shower enclosure is not a major renovation. It could be done within a few hours, even though you may have to allow the caulk and other materials to set and dry (or cure, which is the more accurate term) for a period of time.

However, if you’re tired of the way that your bathroom looks and belied that you should have something that is much more inviting and offers you a great sense of peace and even pleasure from your shower, then you should consider shower enclosures.

Why even consider getting or replacing your shower enclosure in Puerto Rico?

There are many reasons why getting a new shower enclosure could be a great idea for any homeowner throughout Puerto Rico. One of the first reasons is that any type of shower curtain, no matter what kind of ventilation that you have within the bathroom, is going to susceptible to mold and mildew within time. If you were to spot check ten houses throughout Puerto Rico, you might be surprised to find that more than half of them would likely have some form of mold or mildew on them at the moment.

It’s not healthy to have mold and mildew within your home, even in the bathroom. While you may not spend a lot of time in the bathroom, any time that you or your family is exposed to mold or mildew is too much.

The cheaper solution would certainly be to replace the curtain and shower liner every month or so, but that doesn’t add any appeal to your home.

Another reason why you should consider installing a new shower enclosure or have one replace your existing one is that the bathroom is one of the two rooms in your home that can significantly increase the value of your home. The kitchen and bathroom, according to most realtors across the country and even around the world, agree that when you remodel your kitchen and bathroom, you will immediately increase the value of your home. Even if you added a new shower enclosure, you’re going to find that it becomes more appealing and, as a result, will be easier to sell as well as increase the value of your home.

Some considerations and concerns that people have with regard to shower enclosures

However, you may have thought that a shower enclosure is simply not a good idea for you and your family. You may be concerned about the prospect of having glass in your bathroom. Accidents can certainly happen within the shower and what would happen if one of your loved ones slipped while they were getting in or out of the shower?

For one thing, the shower enclosure would likely act as an important support. While most shower enclosures are not designed to support weight, if someone slips while getting in or out of the shower, it can offer a bit of balance for them. If they attempted to grab on to the shower curtain, what would happen? They’d likely pull the rod down and fall, increasing the risk of injury. They get more potential support from a shower enclosure.

Another aspect to consider when you’re thinking about installing a new shower enclosure in your Puerto Rico home is that the glass that is used in these enclosures, especially those that are offered through Vista Systems, are safe. They are designed differently than you normal glass windows. You wouldn’t have to worry about sharp, jagged glass being on the tile floor of your bathroom in the event of a mishap.

Not only that, but they are also much stronger and would likely never break in the first place.

Another reason why shower enclosures are a great idea for any homeowner is that they completely close in the shower, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about water getting out of the shower and onto the floor. One of the most common reason that people slip and fall in the bathroom of their home is because the floor gets wet and when tile is wet, it become slick.

Protect your family and yourself with a brand new shower enclosure for your Puerto Rico home.

Where can you start in getting a new shower enclosure for your home?

When you finally make the decision that you’re ready to improve the appearance and even the value of your home with a new shower enclosure, and understand that you could actually make your bathroom and shower a safer place for you and the rest of your family, then you want to know where to start.

One of the first things that you’re going to want to figure out is what kind of shower enclosure you want. You might want see through glass, or you may prefer to have a smoky finish that would provide more privacy for you and the rest of your family.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to shower enclosures and that can be installed onto almost any tub or shower stall. If your bathroom requires any renovations to accommodate a shower enclosure, this can be discussed before you choose the shower enclosure that you want.

When you have questions about which shower enclosure would be ideal for you and your family, contact Vista Systems. We have the experience and know-how to make a difference.



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