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Glass Railings in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Take a moment to step outside, onto the balcony or deck of your home or office, sit down, and relax. That’s it, just lean back and close your eyes for a minute. When you open them, think about this: what do you feel when you’re out there? You feel the sun or the cool ocean breeze wafting through the city of San Juan? You hear the sounds of the city coming to life? You hear the chirping of birds or the occasional horn blaring in the distance.

Now, take a good, long look around you. What do you see? Some palm trees? Buildings that surround your home or condo? Cars rolling through the canyons of San Juan? You might see a great deal of things, or you could simply see the tops of a few buildings and passing clouds. Why would this be? If you have an area outside that is enclosed with general, basic railings, then these will tend to obscure your view of anything beyond them. You might be limited to just what you can see over the top of those railings.

Do you miss what you could be seeing? Do you have to stand up and walk over to the railing to get a glimpse of the sea in the distance? Do you need to move closer to the railing just to be able to see what’s on the other side of it? If so, then think about this: glass railings could change your entire perspective with such simplicity and ease.

That’s right, glass railings.

But glass railings? That doesn’t sound like it could be all that safe!

This is one of the most commonly stated things by people who are told that they could or should consider having glass railings installed in their San Juan homes. The initial reaction is actually quite normal. To think that glass wouldn’t be all that safe is something that is common. The reason is simple: glass breaks! So why would anyone –whether they are living in San Juan or anywhere else even want to consider having glass act as a railing?

The truth, though, is that today’s glass is not like the glass that most of us associate with windows and other fixtures. Today’s glass, when manufactured and designed right, can withstand a great deal of force and weight, which make a significant difference in the grand scheme of glass railings.

To put it in more simple terms: glass that is used in railings is just not the same that is used in windows. Of course, when you’re talking about hurricane windows, though, you’ll find that there are some similarities.

Can glass railings be broken?

The truth is that yes, glass railings can potentially break, but they don’t break like the windows that many people have in their homes. Glass railings are strong, durable, and built to withstand a great deal of abuse and weight. This means that people can lean against the glass railing without having to worry that they will break.

So what if the glass railing actually does break? Of course, there are going to be limitations on what glass railings can withstand, whether you’re in San Juan or anywhere else in the country. In the event that something does hit the glass hard enough to break it, then the railing will generally break in much the same way that the windshield of your car will break. This means that it is a safety glass and no one will be cut by the pieces, if it happened to break.

What could cause glass railings to break? One thing that could cause glass railings to break could be a branch or a tree that falls down. The force of the tree or branch could likely be enough to shatter this caliber of glass.

If someone is moving furniture or another very heavy object and drop it, the force could be enough to break the glass railing as well. However, there have been many different situations that we at Vista Systems have seen through the years that could have broken glass, but the glass railings have been able to withstand. They are far more durable and safer than many people even realize.

The aesthetics of glass railings.

Glass railings are also more pleasing to the eye. Think about this for a moment: would you rather have metal railings, the cold, ordinary type that you see along walkways or even bridges, in your home or glass railings that you might have already seen in the local shopping malls, but didn’t pay much attention to?

Most people would choose to have glass railings because they simply look better. That’s one of the motivating factors with regard to home improvement. You now only want your house to be more valuable and for things to work properly, but you also want it to have a better appearance.

Glass railings offer homeowners throughout San Juan the opportunity to transform a traditional deck or balcony into something that offers breathtaking views. They offer a homeowner the opportunity to make their home appear more modern. They can be used in a number of different applications as well.

Glass railings: not just for homes!

What’s even better is that glass railings aren’t just for homes, either. They can be used in businesses as well! So what are some of the ideas that you can do with glass railings? You should install them around the landing area of stairs in your home to provide a more open feel to your home. You could even use them as stair railings, too. This provides a more open feel as well.

You could use glass railings to section off your pool which would help you create an open atmosphere outside as well.

There are so many opportunities when it comes to glass railings for San Juan home or business owners that they can’t all be listed here. If you want to learn about the different options that are available, contact Vista Systems today. We are experts in glass railings.


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