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Vista Systems is a company dedicated to providing special glass and aluminum technology not readily available in the local market. Our company is committed in doing this with superior service and quality. Our sunrooms have distinguished themselves because of their quality, durability and beauty for over 40 years.

As the company grew, other product lines were added such as Plaza Doors from West Palm Beach. These sliding doors and windows are designed specifically for coastal applications that are subject to hurricane force winds and highly corrosive salt environments. A special niche has been filled in the condominium market, which is subject to higher winds and water pressure than the residential market.

In 1999 Vista Systems was incorporated to further service the specialty glass and aluminum market. New lines were added such as CRLaurence products , ClearShield, Sun-Shield, and PGT Industries with their WinGuard high impact window and door line.

ClearShield is a chemical treatment that protects glass surfaces from dirt and contaminants. Our specially trained technicians are skilled in restoring old glass to as new condition using ClearShield products. Sun-Shield specializes in sunroom & skylight shading systems and has much experience in manufacturing shades for our sunrooms. PGT Industries has a full line of windows and doors with impact resistant glass that meet strict Dade County requirements.

All manufacturers represented by us are carefully selected to cover specific market requirements that are not properly serviced locally.

Mission Statement:
Vista Systems is a direct marketing company dedicated to construction and remodeling solutions. We are committed to unique products of top quality, which are unavailable locally, and outstanding service that delivers customer satisfaction at all times. We do this by providing glass and aluminum products with superior quality and technologically advanced windows, doors, sunrooms, skylights, and related products that are unique in some way, reliable and with personalized service. We are dedicated and highly involved in each project and our goal is to offer the highest value for our customer's money.

Vision Statement:
We are dedicated to becoming the recognized leading provider of technologically advanced glass and aluminum building products that set industry standards. We want to be known as a company that delivers what it promises and surpasses customer expectations. We want to become a household name when it comes to sunrooms, skylights and high performance windows and doors. We want to be recognized as a company contributing to the improvement of glazing standards allowing our customers to reduce the economic impact of natural disasters such as hurricanes.

Core Values:

We are devoted to continually improve our products, services, and our organization as a whole. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

We provide our clients guaranteed solutions with our experience and knowledge of the industry, backed with written documentation to substantiate all technical information.

We believe in doing the job once and doing it right. Our installers are continuously improving their skills to do the best possible installations.

We work incessantly to be the foremost experts in our industry and supply our clients with the most accurate, up-to-date information available.

We find creative solutions and answers where others don't dare.

We will sell what we can deliver and we will deliver what we promise.

We work as a team and we love what we do.


Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements at (787) 473-6519. Our hours are Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM and Saturday 9AM to 1PM.


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